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Events, Spirit Week/Homecoming

Homecoming Royalty

On October.14th,2016 the Homecoming pep rally took place. Homecoming Court was a very vigorous competition with various applicants. 

All competitors promoted themselves very well and campaigning ended Tuesday October 4th 2016.

Students voted on Wednesday and Thursday for the court. At the Homecoming pep rally all candidates were announced with a drum roll.

For our stunning lord and lady the contenders are Talia McDowell as our Lady and Isaiah Isaba as our Lord.Our next rank of royalty is David Wingate as our Duke and Briana Bullock as our Duchess.

Our junior class Princess is Jocelyn Adeoye and our Prince is Justice Hubbard.

Saving the best for last, our King and Queen were Josiephine Adeoye and Donovan Smith.