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Debate Team

The debate team is a club that promotes teamwork and good researching skills. Not everyone, that is a member will actually be a debater.

Students can join and make a contribution just by researching the topic that is going to be debated.

The team just came back with a win on March.20,2017 at the WUDL March Tournament. The tournament was held at Wilson High School.

There were about 80 teams from 27 schools competing and our school still came out with a win.

Two of the debaters from our school are Paris Smalley and Anuolowapo Adepegba, who have gone undefeated in Novice and Junior Varsity in their past two tournaments.

When competing in their first Varsity Division, Paris and Anu went 2-2, but Paris won the top individual speaker award.

Congrats to all the debate team members! Every contribution counts!