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January 17, 2018 Word Of The Day is Concatenation: A series of interconnected things or events. Sentence: Concatenation refers to a series of things — ideas, events, animals — that are somehow interconnected, individual parts that are linked to form a single unit, like the links in a chain.
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Hermes Triumphs Among the Best

The CH Flowers robotics team has recently competed inside of the Chesapeake Northern District Championships, making it past not only the first round but even into the playoffs with an outstanding performance. Though they did not make it to the finals their robot Hermes competed against over 40 other robots and were one of the selected Captains in the alliance challenges. Even ranking top 3 out of the 40 robots which is quite an accomplishment and was no slight feat.  The SOAR robotics team consists of about 40 members including the pit crew that helped to give Hermes its current success. Be sure to congratulate any robotics team member you see and encourage them for their upcoming competition;”The Battle of Baltimore