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January 19, 2018 Word Of The Day is Accolade: An expression of praise or admiration. An award or privilege granted; an acknowledge of merit. Sentence: The social activist was given an accolade to recognize her efforts to fight for justice.

Baseball County Champs

The Baseball Team won the County Championship on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. They scored 12-2 and now are getting prepared for the states.

Charles Herbert Flowers is so excited about this achievement. Principle Brown even sends out an email to express his condolences.

“Congrats to the Jaguar Baseball Team who won the County Championship today 12-2! On to the states”(Brown)!

Other staff and teachers express their excitement:
“Kudos! Boys Varsity Baseball Team…  A Mecca of excellence indeed”(Ms. Whitworth).
“Congratulations!  Go JAGS”(Ms. Davis)!
The Mainstreet would also like to say Congrats and keep working hard!