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January 17, 2018 Word Of The Day is Concatenation: A series of interconnected things or events. Sentence: Concatenation refers to a series of things — ideas, events, animals — that are somehow interconnected, individual parts that are linked to form a single unit, like the links in a chain.
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Job Opportunity for Musicians

Ms. Megan Stenson is looking to hire musicians to teach elementary aged clients. She currently has a huge need for instructors in Springdale. Hoping they can help spread the word about the opportunity to the students at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. Below are more details:


1.)    Pay of $25 – $30 an hour

2.)    All lessons take place in the clients homes. Instructors are built routes between 5 – 10 miles from their home.

3.)    Part time positions available with flexible scheduling options.


It really is an awesome position! Have an interested applicant fill out the short application at: https://chris1582.typeform.com/to/Yn9nHH


Please help spread the word!!!!