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Spring Sports Is the Best Thing for Flowers!

This year at Charles Herbert Flowers High School all the spring sports left their last season with a bang! All the sports did very well during this past season.

Before getting knocked out of the playoffs, the baseball team left the season by being the Prince George┬┤s County Champions! The tennis team also left their season by losing only 3 games.

Also, let us not forget the boys and girls lacrosse teams who had a season with a winning record! The boys┬┤record was 7-5 and girls lacrosse team leaving the season with 12-3 overall.

Also, the varsity softball team had an victorious record of 15-1 during the regular season before sadly leaving the playoffs with a loss against Bowie High School.

Overall, all the spring sports did excellent this season and if all goes well will contiue this success for the next spring season.