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Lady Lax Fitness

Time to run that turkey off… Come stretch and run with the ladies of Jags lacrosse. You don’t have to play lacrosse to stretch and run…. Exercise should be a deliberate practice.
Meet in Professor Whitworth’s room ready to stretch, run / walk and get fit on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00 in room LH 216.

This would be a great time for all athletic managers to come and keep track of athletes by taking attendance, facilitating work-outs, collect data on athletes progress, and monitoring athletes personal items while working out.

Ladies lacrosse also needs four managers for away games and eight for home games.

The workout schedule and lacrosse game schedule can be found here: (http://chflowersjaguars.digitalsports.com/pages/schedule/ms.php?team_slug=girls-lacrosse)