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Jaguars Varsity Basketball Wins 72-61


Brian Brooks going for the lay up

CJ Hawkins shooting a 3-pointer

On November 30th,  the Boys Basketball Team beats Friendly 72-61.  The Jags played a good game. The top scorers were Cornelius Hawkins and Devin Hill. Cornelius Hawkins had a total of 9 points. Devin Hill had a total of 14 points. Here is all the points from each player:

  • Cornelius Hawkins- 9 points
  • Isaiah Wade-Scott- 4 points
  • Mikah Tobias- 6 points
  • Brian Brooks-8 points
  • Devin Hill- 14 points
  • Rondell Felder, Jr- 8 points
  • Christian Zitney- 4 points

On December 9th, the Varsity Boys Basketball will have their first official game against Stonewall Jackson at Stonewall Jackson High School. Come out and support our Jaguars!