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Khyre’s Candle Light Vigil

Former Charles Herbert Flowers Student, Khyre Ledbetter had a Candle Light Vigil Thursday Novemer 30,2017 at 5:30 pm, it took place on the 600 block of P St SW. Friends and family of Ledbetter gathered around his mother and candles. Everyone celebrated his life from telling the memories they had with him and speaking highly of him. His mother gave words of encouragement to all of his friends that was crying.

The thing she said that stuck with me was “I loved my son when he was living and I still love my son, Its no need in crying Khyre wouldn’t want nobody sad”.

The police of first district made closing remarks and passed out an homicide victim reward paper. In concluding of the candle light balloons were released and everybody shouted “Aye numba 9” and “We love you Khyre”.