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JROTC Cadet Information

Greetings all JROCT cadets. Information regarding the Air Force Pilot program has been sent to you.


The Air Force has partnered with the HQ Air Force to offer Private Pilot Scholarships to Charles Herbert Flower AFJROTC Cadets.


The purpose of this program is “to create a pathway for cadets to enter into aviation career fields and/or pursue flying after high school.”


“Selected applicants will receive a full scholarship to attend a 7-9 week program at one of six partnering Universities during the summer of 2018.” The scholarship is valued at approximately $20,000.

Possible Schools You Could Attend

Auburn University – Auburn, AL

Embry-Riddle University – Daytona Beach, FL

Kansas State University – Manhattan, KS

Liberty University – Lynchburg, VA

Purdue University – Lafayette, IN

University of North Dakota – Fargo, ND

Other Info

AFJROTC instructors have received this email, so if you have any more questions then ask your instructor or look for an email titled “JROTC Cadets” from Ms. Mosely. It is imperative that you look through the information thoroughly.

Aviation Info

Source: Maxine Mosely