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NSBE: Interview on Club Members

NSBE meets every Wednesday from 2:30-4 @ Ms.Fitzpatrick room #636.

wednesday, January 24th, I decided to interview two fellow NSBE members about their NSBE experienCe. Here are their responses…

Interview #1: Melissa Okang -Ten80

What did NSBE teach you?

“NSBE taught me about being a community and working togther to get the job done. I built friendships with people I never imagined. We also learned more about cars and leadership.”

Would you continue NSBE outside of high school?

” Yes, the school I plan on attending provides it.        ”


Interview #2: Obosie Akioyamen -VEX

What is your favorite thing about the competion you are in?

“My favorite thing about the competition that I am is not exactly winning, it is the process of getting the robot together. Learning and experiencing new things that would make our robot better.”

Do you believe NSBE is only for Engineers?

” No, NSBE is not only for engineers. NSBE has various places that everyone no matter what they want to be in the future can fit in. For example, our design team focuses on art moreso than engineering. ”