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The Mission of the PAC

The MISSION of the Principal’s Action Council is “academic success for ALL. This group of students are here to show the student body that success can be attained beyond program students. One of the points of discussion in their meeting that was held on January 31, 2018 was that the school lacks presentation of information among all stakeholders.

“A school’s success is based on the students.” – Ms. Holland

12 Standards in Action Council

  • Standard 1: Mission
  • Standard 2: Governance and Leadership
  • Standard 3: School Improvement Planning
  • Standard 4: Finances
  • Standard 5: Facilities
  • Standard 6: School Organization and Staff
  • Standard 7: Health and Safety
  • Standard 8: Educational Program
  • Standard 9: Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning
  • Standard 10: Student Services
  • Standard 11: Student Life and Student Activities
  • Standard 12: Information Resources

Of these standards, CHFHS excels in mission and governance and leadership. However, the school lacks in health safety, student life and student activities, as well as facilities. It is the job of the Principal’s Action Council to ensure that this school excels in all areas.