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* Unmotivated- the lack of interest of enthusiasm for work or study.

What causes unmotivation? What is motivation? Why am I unmotivated?

These past few weeks I have been had no will to make articles or even be in school. I thought it was because I had a longing boredom for this class or that I couldn’t write about anything. I always told myself, “I’ll do my articles when I get home.” That transpired into, “I’ll do it during school.”, which eventually turned into something that was never started nor finished. I’ve regretted not doing my work on time because it always led to procrastination and stressing myself out when I knew I threw away the time when I had it. I started asking myself why I didn’t feel like completing my work or accomplishing anything.

The causes of feeling unmotivated:

– Depression

– Fear of Failure

– Low self-esteem

– Lack of Interest

– Procrastination habit

– Stress or Overwhelm

I can relate all of these qualities to many situations within my life. I plan to do better in the future moving forward in order to create a more healthy work habit. I’ve felt distant from myself and I want to get that connection back by helping myself feel more motivated and doing more things that both produce and prolong cognitive activity.