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Forgiving you


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Forgiving You

I forgive you although you never apologized,
I forgive you for letting me look into your eyes
You never showed the pain but I knew it was there
You kept your guard up it isn’t your fault that you were never quite taught
How to love someone but neither was I, I blame you for us because I know that I am full of pride but our so called “love” taught me alot
I am glad that it was you who I built a bond with
I know that it is still there because I feel something when you are near
I forgive you for the unsure “ I love you’s”
I forgive you for what tore us apart
The thing that keeps me most afraid
I forgive you for doing the same thing to someone that I called my friend
I don’t hate you and I know you don’t hate me
So now that I have forgiven you a weight has been lifted
A couple tears have been shed
A heart of gold has been mended
I hope that our bond grows and who knows what the future holds.