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Are You College and Career Ready

It is an obvious fact that students are tested way too much. It’s of even bigger concern when students are tested for seemingly no reason. For example, 11th grade students are being told that they have to take the English 11 and Algebra II PARCC and must pass with a 4 or higher.

There is a lot of talk around why students have to take the test especially since most have met their graduation requirement, which was the English 10 PARCC and Algebra I PARCC and also Biology HSA. Students also feel a tremendous pressure to pass the Algebra II and English 11 PARCC but not many are aware that it is not a graduation requirement but rather a College and Career Readiness requirement which was put in place by the state of Maryland.

Students are also not aware that according to the Maryland State Department of Education, if students don’t pass PARCC with a score of 4 or higher they have other options of using their SAT scores, ACT scores or Accuplacer score. Page 6 of this link shows the scores that can substitute for the PARCC test.


I feel it is important for students to be well informed on the tests they are told to take.