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Klass In Session

The Charles Herbert Flowers Kouture Team put on an amazing showcase (#KLASSINSESSION) last week Wednesday, May 9th. They ended off their season very well with a beautiful performance featuring the Lady Jags (step team), Flowers ASA (African Student Association dance and modeling team) as well as the Kush Models LLC. The tickets were sold for $5 in advance and $10 at the door. It was an amazing show that you couldn’t have missed. Flowers Kouture is known for putting up amazing shows, having amazing choreographies and having the best models. Their current captain, Bubbles, also known as Briana Tyler, is a graduating senior and she will be going to college. Therefore a new captain will be picked. It is very hard to make the Flowers Kouture team, as their bar is set very high. In fact, there is only one current freshman on the Flowers Kouture Team. If you want to try out to make the team, tryouts will start exactly a week from today. More Information will be below.