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Attack On Titan Season 3 Set to Release July 22, 2018!

The big hit series in the anime community is back! The popular series, Attack On Titan, also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin” plays a significant role in the anime community. The anime is about humanity living in different walled off cities. Those walls protect the people from “titans”. Out of the two main characters, Eren and Mikasa, one of them is a titan. The pilot episode to the series shows the Colossal Titan, a gigantic titan that breaks the first set of walls which ends with the death of Eren’s mother.

Season 2’s last episode which aired June 17, 2017, left a big bomb of questions for fans of the anime. The episode revealed that the walls which protected humanity from titans, were actually made up of titans themselves. Later on in the series, the very same titan that killed Eren’s mother, showed up and killed another one of his close friends. This leads Eren to seek retaliation as he soon discovers that he has some sort of power that makes titans redirect their hunger to the their own kind instead of humans and livestock. Missions and several fights later Eren and his team return and the episode ends before we can even hope of the truth getting out.

Hopefully Season 3 answers all our questions from season 2, prepare yourselves now  because season 3 is about to go down!

Season 3 trailer of the anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwie-ybq7vo