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Incoming Freshman: Advice and Tips!

Welcome Incoming Freshman!

Your first year of high school is starting soon and you may feel overwhelmed.

But don’t worry! Here is some advice and tips to help you out during your high school career.

  • Don’t skip. If you skip, your teacher will most likely think you’re not serious with your work and won’t cut you some slack in the future.
  • Join a club or extracurricular activity early. This is a great opportunity to make friends and feel like you belong to something.
  • Get to know your teachers. If you know your teachers, they will most likely help you out along the way. Like with extra credit, tutoring, service hour opportunities, and other things.
  • Stay prepared! If you’re not prepared most of the time, you’ll most likely fail because of lack of materials.
  • Try to get your hours done EARLY! If you have them done early, then you won’t have to worry about them later on.
  • Try to do your work on time. Eventually, the work will pile up and it will get overwhelming.
  • MAKE GOOD FRIENDS! p.s. very important
  • If you have a problem with a class or teacher, switch out ASAP.
  • AVOID GETTING IN ARGUMENTS AND FIGHTS. This can get land you with suspension, ISS, or expulsion.

All these tips should get you through your first year with flying colors.

Good luck and enjoy yourself because these four years will fly by fast!

***Also don’t believe that there’s a pool on the fourth floor ; )