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Poems, The Jaguar Renassaince

Pageant Girl

“Smile wide.”

They tell the jewel posing before them

As They begin to photoshop the small gap between her bright shiny pearls

So that she may be the next “Covergirl.”


Fix your position they critique her

As she prepares for the very competition that exposes her imperfections

At the age of 16

Though it may not seem

Words are put into her mind

That to be beautiful and divine

She must stand straight

So the judges can rate

What was never wrong in the first place

Her “lifes purpose” is to walk across

That beautiful, stunning, cold, judging platform  


To win that prize she must hide behind her disguise

Why am I not surprised

Instead of her self-worth being multiplied she is divided

Between hate and love, trying to be a talented dove

To win the title

Of societies angel from above


When she looks over rows of steaks

Her stomach aches

From the earthquake

shaking inside of her

She rumbles and she tumbles

until finally, She cracks

And begins to look around for a little snack


She remembers the days when pizza wasn’t her enemy

When breaking a diet didn’t become a felony

If she got a dime for every time, shes said: “I’m fine.”

She’d be rich

I pray for the day that girls women and all can stand up tall

And won’t fall under the negative influence of life


The camera lights are blinding

Outside she’s smiling

Inside she is crying

“Smile wide,” they tell the dazzling jewel posing before them

But how can she ever truly smile when all she is is a broken pageant girl