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Flowers vs. Bowie: Back at it again

JV Flowers and Bowie meet once again to see who comes out as superior in this two-game series. The last time they met, Flowers became the dominant team by winning their previous game against Bowie with their win of 2-1. The team played their set with a healthy mindset that Bowie had no chance facing. Did the roles reverse this time? Did Flowers come out as the imperative team? Or did Bowie change their attitude to push for that win?


During the first half of the game, Flowers and Bowie were playing tough competition by both teams equally matching each other. Flowers practiced very hard for this matchup, as Coach B worked the girls on different plays and different methods to receive this win. The intensity of the game was actively displayed, there was no stopping the teams, and the momentum was set high. Flowers came out with a mindset that changed the dynamic of how they were going to play during this game. Flowers had kept their guard up and played a solid first half until the time ran out. From the first half, the score for the two teams was three points for Bowie, while Flowers stayed at zero.


In the second half of the match, Flowers came back on the course better and stronger. What the coach had said to them before the game was a mystery, but that conference turned the whole game around, even though Bowie scored another point to have the score so far be 4-0. Flowers owns players Dayana (#16) and Kai (#11), who scores off a penalty shot with a lovely kick. During that time, the score was now 2-4. Flowers kept persevering to get another goal to win the game, but they fall up short when the time expired and the game ended. Flowers’ goalie Deb (#0) had a total of 15 saves by the end of the game.


The final score of the match was 2-4. The continuous two-game series between the two schools ties with 1-1.