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My Adventure on Journalism Day


Now many of my classmates made it seem like it would be a boring trip and I had my teacher telling me that if you go on this trip you will learn or you will get a better understanding. So I had trusted my teacher/mentor to push me to where I needed to be so when we had arrived there was a opening program where all different schools had came but Charles Herbert Flowers HS Students sat in the the front taking notes and pictures as well and asked questions. But Ms. Whitworth had taught her student something that pushed her student to do today… To rise and say your name as well as your school you are representing. So, Ms. Diana Sugg had even stopped us to tell us thank you and gave us a hug! As well as a trip to see her in her work force! Then we had went on to our session classes that was inspirational! Session 1: social media for Journalists, Session 2: How to make your videos stand out, and session 3 : make your photos pop on the page. All amazing classes. Lastly we had signed a petition to end hunger for student and bought treats to support clubs.