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NCHS Induction Ceremony

Last Friday on December 14th in the auditorium, the National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) had an induction ceremony for the new members who joined the organization. The service turned out to be a success and was a beautiful ceremony.

Mr. Wu presented and played excellent music during the ceremony that the newcomers enjoyed gladly. The old members of the NCHS also provided valuable information that would benefit the new members.

Mr. Wu and the staff did an outstanding job putting the event together. Congratulations to every individual who pitched in and assisted in making the ceremony a success.

Congratulations to the new members of the National Honor Society:

  1. Carlson Mujem
  2. Leo Zhang
  3. Justice Turman
  4. Ama Safo-Mensa
  5. Shanece Mason
  6. Kayla Lucas

Thank you to the AFJROTC Color Guard and the Jazz Band for coming out to support the NCHS as well.

The Jazz Band


The AFJROTC Color Guard