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Nnamdi Olebara Interview!

On January, 14th I interviewed Nnamdi Olebara who recently just recently signed and committed to Howard University Track and Field with a full ride scholarship!

Michael: “So Nnamdi, what is the event that you participate in?”

Nnamdi: “Shot Put.”

Michael: “Ok! What made you decide to sign and commit with Howard University?”

Nnamdi: ” I just felt the love from the Alumni, the principles from here that went there, I just felt a strong connection to the school. I was debating between Howard and West Point and West Point is a P.W.I. (Public White Institution) and 60 years ago we couldn’t go to P.W.I.’s so I was trying to give all the money to the black community.”

Michael: “What is some advice for the upcoming Junior student athletes when dealing with their own signing process?”

Nnamdi: ” The signing process is pretty hard, the recruiting process is pretty hard but just follow your dreams and goals and you should be alright.”

It was a pleasure to interview Nnamdi and I wish him good luck with college and athletics!  #GoJags!