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November 14, 2019 Autonomy (noun): Control over one’s own person; the right of self-government, independence from outside governance.   More →

My End of High School

My high school years have been bumpy, but a great ride. I never believed anyone when they told me that high school passes by quickly, but it does.

I remembered being a freshman and was so scared to go to this school since everyone I knew was at Largo, but some things happen for the greater good because I was able to be my own person. My ninth-grade year was by far the best year since I had no worries, but the rest of high school after freshman year, I was stressed out the entire time. The stressful times paid off since I’m graduating from Science and Tech this year, so all of the pressure I endured wasn’t for nothing.

Even though I believed I hated school, I found out who I truly am here at Flowers. I was able to find myself, and my best friend, who is exactly like me. High school was a fun, stressful, and hard time in my life, and now I’m on to the next chapter.

-Joy Douglas