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Why A & B Days Are Stressful

High school can be stressful. From the homework to the classwork to the assessments. It’s a lot. Especially when you go to an A day B day school like I do. A and B days are when you have four classes on A day and four classes on B day totaling eight classes. Yes, eight classes at once. Meaning eight homework assignments, eight projects, and classwork from eight classes.

This is all new to me because my previous schools did four classes a semester which is really reasonable. Teachers don’t take into consideration that we have eight classes. It’s either get the work done or it’s a zero which is very selfish. My grades have dropped since I moved because of the big change from four to eight classes. It’s a lot on your plate when your dealing with eight teachers that want their work turned in right away and on time. The only pro about having eight classes is that you have two days to turn your homework in but that’s besides the point. We can’t get a break.