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UD Applications are still open

Applications for the University of Delaware is still currently open but the deadline is coming up quickly. To be reviewed for admission you MUST have the following

  • Common Application or Coalition application
  • Required essays
  • Self-reported high school grades through SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record)
  • Self-reported SAT (code: 5811) or ACT (code: 0634) scores
  • A school counselor recommendation—the secondary school report satisfies this requirement. An additional letter from an instructor can be submitted but is not required.

For more information visit :https://mx.technolutions.net/mps2/c/1AA/jM0HAA/t.2ya/M8_TecJBSCOqARoia4EIFw/h1/ypjbtsTjyOGIBdK4BPkrzub6RTSiflk-2Bdt02hYJLzkE-3D/OHjQ