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The Purpose of a Two Hour Delay?

As students attending Charles Hebert Flowers High, we are some of the most affected people when the call a two hour delay or two hour early dismissal.

With a two hour delay or early dismissal:

  • 1st period lasts 40 minutes
  • 2nd period last 45 minutes
  • 3rd period lasts 2 hours (including lunch times)
  • 4th period 40 minutes.

I spoke to several students who believe that a two hour delay is unnecessary.

“A two hour delay is pointless we cant learn anything in 45 minutes we really just go to school to sit there for 4 hours and leave.”

Omari Robinson

” A two hour delay is unnecessary either cancel school for the day or keep it its full length.”

– Brianna Greer

I also spoke to a bus driver on the day of a two hour delay to get their thoughts.

“When we open schools late due to weather it doesn’t change the fact that the problems with the roads still remain.”

– School Bus Driver

The school feels that the two hour delay process has no positive use. There is no reason to send students to school to not learn.