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Jaguars Boys Swim Team Planned, Practice, and Executed a Historical Win against Bowie Bulldogs 101 – 66

Big Historical Congratulations to the Boys Swim Team for their 1st win over Bowie Bulldogs. The Lady Jag fell in their 1st loss for the season. Boys Score: Flowers- 101   Bowie- 66 Flowers- 133   Parkdale- 28 Girls Score: Flowers- 58   Bowie- 112

Flowers- 113  Parkdale- 44 Double Winners: Senior – Enrique Evans – 50 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle Senior – Matthew Headley – 100 Butterfly and 100 Breast stroke.

School Record Alert****  Matthew Headley broke the 100 Butterfly record that was held by Sydney Horton on 1/24/2015 with a time of 57.51.  Matthew swam butterfly this past Saturday with a 56.88 seconds.  Congratulate Matthew of a great win!

Our next contest will be a good one so Come and cheer on the Jaguar’s to VICTORY!