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Remembering Antwan Brown

“See You Later…” 

It’s hard to find the words when a loss comes

It’s hard to adapt to a new life living with close loss


I’m gonna try, for you 

I’m to reach into the depths of my treasure chest and find the right things to say

So here it goes…

You made the days brighter 

Not a cumulus cloud in the sky could block your light

You were… a breath of fresh air 

Refreshing and nourishing in all possible ways 

Loved by many but you, you were love itself in human form 

God truly took his precious, graceful, and marvelous time crafting you 

A body of clay was crafted into something


Something worthy

Something that even the stars couldn’t reach  

But now

You’re gone

My slow recovery will never erase the memory of you 

And it could never patch up the wounds of my personal pain


I’ll heal

So… this isn’t goodbye

DEFINITELY  not a goodbye

It’s i’ll see you later

I love you…