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Stay safe

As you may have heard the COVID-19 also known as the coronavirus has been the most talked-about not just on the news, but also on social media, at public places and even within people you know. If you are one of the few people who aren’t aware of what COVID-19 or the coronavirus is. It’s basically a virus that targets your respiratory system and lowers your defenses so you are vulnerable to death which has been affecting mostly the elderly and people who have weak immune systems. Many people have died but there have also been many people that have recovered, which we as a society have not been paying attention to. Yes, there have been over thousands of people who have been losing their lives to this virus but there have been people who have also been recovered or are recovering from it.

Due to the break out many people have been stocking up on food, toiletries, and even water just in case this virus gets nay worse. However, many people have been going crazy and have been buying way more than what they need which have been leaving people who also need similar things empty-handed. Companies have been raising their prices due to the high demand in the products and others have been buying and reselling for an even HIGHER price. Many stores have been emptied out to the point where they don’t know when they will get products coming in any time soon, which has made people riot in need to buy more and more things.

If possible try your best to get necessities like food, water, and soap. Be mindful that other people need those exact same things so only get what you need and can afford. Make sure to wash your hands and not touch your face when being out in public. Stay safe everyone.