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PGCPS help families in time of crisis


Breakfast,lunch,and a snack will be available at participating schools listed below on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Schools will distribute foods to all pgcps students. Can collect from the parking lot or cafeteria ( depending on weather). Parents and guardians are not required to accompany students, but adults may not pick up meals for children.


List of the schools participating :


Andrew Jackson Academy, 3500 Regency Parkway, Forestville

Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, 2501 Olson Street, Temple Hills

Benjamin Tasker Middle School, 4901 Collington Road, Bowie

Buck Lodge Middle School, 2611 Buck Lodge Road, Adelphi

Calverton Elementary, 3400 Beltsville Road, Beltsville

Carmody Hills Elementary, 401 Jadeleaf Ave., Capitol Heights

Clinton Grove Elementary, 9420 Temple Hill Road, Clinton

District Heights Elementary, 2200 County Road, District Heights

Drew-Freeman Middle School, 2600 Brooks Drive, Suitland

Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, 13725 Briarwood Drive, Laurel

Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary, 3324 64th Avenue, Cheverly

Hillcrest Heights Elementary, 4305 22nd Place, Temple Hills

  1. Frank Dent Elementary, 2700 Corning Ave., Fort Washington

John Bayne Elementary, 7010 Walker Mill Road, Capitol Heights

Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary, 3000 Church St., Glenarden

Kenmoor Middle School, 2500 Kenmoor Drive, Landover

Kettering Middle School, 65 Herrington Drive, Upper Marlboro

Langley Park-McCormick Elementary, 8201 15th Ave., Hyattsville

Laurel Elementary, 516 Montgomery St., Laurel

Lewisdale Elementary, 2400 Banning Place, Hyattsville

Longfields Elementary, 3300 Newkirk Ave., Forestville

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, 4545 Ammendale Road, Beltsville

Nicholas Orem Middle School, 6100 Editors Park Drive, Hyattsville

Oxon Hill Middle School, 9570 Fort Foote Road, Fort Washington

Port Towns Elementary, 4351 58th Ave., Bladensburg

Samuel Chase Elementary, 5700 Fisher Road, Temple Hills

Springhill Lake Elementary, 6060 Springhill Drive, Greenbelt

Stephen Decatur Middle School, 8200 Pinewood Drive, Clinton

Suitland Elementary, 4650 Towne Park Road, Suitland

Templeton Elementary, 6001 Carters Lane, Riverdale

Thomas S. Stone Elementary, 4500 34th Street, Mount Rainier

Thurgood Marshall Middle School, 4909 Brinkley Road, Temple Hills

Waldon Woods Elementary, 10301 Thrift Road, Clinton

Walker Mill Middle School, 800 Karen Blvd., Capitol Heights

William Paca Elementary, 7801 Sheriff Road, Landover

William Wirt Middle School, 6200 Tuckerman St., Riverdale Park


Check pgcps website for additional information