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September 24, 2020- nepotism (noun): favoritism based on kinship  More →
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The Reason Why

Culture (n) – the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.


There’s always been a fear

Of being of African descent 

For all the negative stereotypes

And treatments that came with it

We lost our history

We lost our pride

Did anything we could

To identify as white

Straightened our hair

Lightened our skin

Did anything possible

To be accepted

But of course we were rejected

Turned away for “imperfection”

That we’d later come to realize

Were actually our blessings

Now you’ve finally come to see

The beauty in our culture

That you’ve now taken as your own

From our hairstyles to our color

Kinky hair, brown skin

The roots of Africa

We hold within

Our great spirits

You’ve tried to crush

With systematic racism

Divisions put upon us

How can you laugh and mock

The features of a black girl

And not expect her to change

In order to fit in?

Then when she finally accepts herself

For who she is

You have the nerve to take her beauty

And make profit from it?

You say we did it first

With blonde hair and straight do’s

All in an attempt

To become apart of you

Then we quickly realized

That would not a be a reality

And the only way to live happily

Was to live proudly

So we rocked our fros

And wore our skin

Big lips and wide noses

We were born with

Finding that these features were only praised

When a white woman was there

To take their place

And the black woman was ridiculed

Hair too kinky, unprofessional

Told that our culture

Was unacceptable

Finding every excuse

To get her off the team

To replace her with a white woman

Who was doing the exact same

So tell me white America

Are we being sensitive, ridiculous?

Because the labor of our ancestors

Was to your benefit?

Generations of wealth

On land stolen from the Indigenous

Kept from opportunities of success

Because of racial bias

Then told we are lazy

When we had to work the hardest

Racism is not name calling

Or the disrespect of our features

It is the oppression of our people

When we are kept from the recourses

When we are targeted for no reason

Disregarded and mistreated

So now you may understand

Why something as simple

As a white girl with braids

Rattles our minds

fills us with rage

Because that same white girl

Will never have to experience

That same hate

No matter how much she emulates

She will never be oppressed

No matter how much black culture

She’d possess


“Until the color of you skin is the target, you will never understand.”

– Angela Davis