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May 31, 2020 - Palmy (adj) - marked by prosperity or full of palms  More →
poem, The Jaguar Renassaince



Stop living in fear, stop trying to please people,

We are all different, don’t change yourself for anyone.

A day came to pass,

Never I would’ve thought this would happen

What happened to the fun, loving person I was?

I let other people that did things to me change me into the person I knew I wasn’t.

I know I’m a loving and caring person

I used to be very happy and now I’m always so MEAN and ANGRY.

I didn’t want this to happen.

Every day and night I cry myself to sleep thinking of how to become a better person. The truth is, I over-think.

I’m sensitive to a lot of things and that makes me TOXIC. I feel like it pushes people away from me.

I miss the old Saffie!

Now, I look down at myself and say “You have a bad attitude”. I know that’s not okay and I’m willing to fix it but where do I start from?

I keep living in the past and not the present. How do I go through this all alone? I don’t even like explaining myself.

But I’m open minded to start a new chapter of my life!