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What separates us?

Today is June 4, 2020, and I’m felt the urge to get this across. I am a mixed African American. George Floyd was a (black) African American. Trevon Martin was an African American. The innocent college kid who’s car tires were popped and who’s windows were busted and the African American who was tasered and ripped out of his vehicle on the way home to see his loved ones was once again AFRICAN AMERICAN.  It’s so many more I can advocate for, my point is that these were African Americans that went threw police brutality in their innocence. I am an African American my brother is an African American. I can’t hang but feel that if I’m confronted by an officer, will my next words be my last. Will I have a knee on my neck while I’m repeating I CANT BREATHE or while I call out for my mother. Will I become the next person shot in my car in front of my wife and kids. Will I have to worry about that for my family, my mother, and brother. It’s not normal and the world shouldn’t make it seem like it is. These protests and riots hold weight, I’m in pain with millions of other U.S citizens. Change needs to happen now.