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September 24, 2020- nepotism (noun): favoritism based on kinship  More →
poem, The Jaguar Renassaince

Life is Like A Marathon

Life is like a marathon
That we cannot reject, we must run
It’s a continuous route that we travel on
At some points the path is tough, sometimes it’s fun

Even though the trek is lengthy
We don’t have to do it alone
By your side, I’m fierce and I’m frail
With you, I can navigate through the unknown

In this race, we may stumble
We are likely to collapse or trip
In this marathon, we learn to get back up
And fight furiously through every dip

This road is extensive and coarse
But we must battle forward
Striding past every obstacle
And looking past the pain onward

To run this race to your utmost ability
Give everything that you got
Because at the precious finish line
People will remember how hard you fought