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CHF Opening Newsletter!


I pray that everyone has had a safe summer and is prepared to engage in a wonderful year of learning.

The first day of school for all students is August 31, 2020, and will be engaged in distance learning until February 1, 2021.  The school hours will remain 7:45 am-2:25 pm. Students that still require chromebooks may retrieve them from the school on Wednesday, August 26th (A-K) and Thursday, August 27th (L-Z).

Other important information regarding the school year can be found in the attached newsletter (CHF Opening Newsletter). The newsletter may also be found on the CHF Website. We invite you to join us for a virtual town hall on Thursday, August 27th at 6 pm. The link for the town hall will be forwarded in an upcoming correspondence. We understand that you may have questions as you prepare for the school year, so we have taken the liberty to provide you with the contact information to important school leaders below:

Dr. Gorman E. Brown, Principal   gorman.brown@pgcps.org

Mrs. Diedra Smalls-Screws, Assistant Principal 11th grade, and Lead Administrator diedra.smallsscrews@pgcps.org

Mr. Christopher Burrows, Assistant Principal 9th grade  christopher.burrows@pgcps.org

Mr. Bruce Edwards, Assistant Principal 12th grade Bruce.edwards@pgcps.org

Mr. Danny Miller, Assistant Principal 10th  grade danny.miller@pgcps.org

Mrs. Moji Silva, Assistant Principal Special Needs, and 9th-grade moji.silva@pgcps.org

Mr. Eric Summers, Assistant Principal 12th  grade summers@pgcps.org

Mr. Dameon Powell, 9th Grade Academy Coordinator dameon.powell@pgcps.org

Ms. Dawn Smalls-Gregory, Guidance Chairperson dawn.smallsgregory@pgcps.org

Mrs. Denise McGregor, Coordinator- Special Needs Department dmcgreg@pgcps.org

Mrs. Samantha Cotton, Science and Technology Coordinator samantha.cotton@pgcps.org

Ms. Tumisha Alao, Coordinator; 3D Scholars program tumisha.alao@pgcps.org

Mrs. Victoria Lee, Coordinator Project Lead the Way victoria.lee@pgcps.org

Ms. Gladys Montgomery, Coordinator Academy of Business and Finance glad.montgomery@pgcps.org

Ms. Chauntia Bego, Coordinator Academy of Science and Engineering and Advanced Placement chauntia.bego@pgcps.org

Ms. Heidi King, Counselor, 3D Scholars Program   heidi.king@pgcps.org

Mrs. Ivora Washington, Testing Coordinator ivor.washington@pgcps.org

Ms. Tara Jones; Instructional/ Graduation Coordinator tara.jones @pgcps.org

Ms. Akilah Benons, Advisor Student Government Association akilah.benons@pgcps.org