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Are we truly “free”?


Freedom, a word used to justify someone’s ability to be free and to an extent to what someone believes it is to be free whether that’s inequality or free will. I believe that freedom doesn’t exist but to defy it, it is the will of no restraint.  I say that I do not believe in freedom because in today’s society there is a lot of inequality in the “The land of the free”. The world is wicked, and our nation has a bunch of laws to maintain order, but even our law enforcer breaks the task that they’re assigned, to “Serve and protect”. 

             There are different ways people can feel free. Some are mentally free, for example, someone being locked up. To someone else being behind bars isn’t something that they’d want to be behind, but some find that as freedom so that they don’t have to deal with everything wrong that goes on in the world. Just being alone for some is the only time they feel free. I’m a loner myself and I rather be alone and only have to worry about myself.  But as an athlete, I only feel free when I wear my jersey on before a game.

                     The country that we live in is supposed to be a land of free yet the laws make us feel enslaved. Police brutality occurs almost every day it seems, and us citizens can do is use our voice to try and spread awareness. I do not believe this is freedom, no mother should have to worry about being victimized to brutal assault to a law enforcer when their child leaves there doorstep. Freedom hasn’t been in this country since Europeans tried to colonize it, ever since it seemed to be a racial war and African Americans have been almost forced into poverty.