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New York mayor proposes closing schools and businesses in 9 areas with high Covid-19 test positivity rates

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday proposed temporarily closing all schools and nonessential businesses in nine ZIP codes that have seen Covid-19 test positivity rates above 3% for at least seven consecutive days.”It will be difficult for people who have done so much to fight back in this crisis,” the mayor said in a news conference Sunday, characterizing the plan as an effort to “rewind” reopening in nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.”But it is necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus in these communities and beyond,” he said. “And it’s necessary for the good of all of New York City.”

The proposed plan — which requires state approval — includes the closure of all nonessential businesses, private and public schools and daycares beginning Wednesday, de Blasio said. Restaurants in the affected areas would have to stop indoor and outdoor dining but would be allowed to continue service for to-go orders.
Businesses and schools would be allowed to reopen after two weeks if the ZIP codes have seen seven consecutive days of positivity rates below 3%. If not, they would be closed for at least four weeks.New York was among the first cities in the United States plunged into crisis. In March, it was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, but the city and the state have since managed to contain the spread of the virus.