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The Virtual Experience

Was virtual learning the best idea?

Understanding that the world is going through a pandemic right now and that the youth’s education is vital, but was taking the virtual route the smartest option. The option had not seemed to be thought all the way through, it seemed to be rushed. I say this because, during the discussion in the news on when kids will go back to school, it was never brought to attention wether the learning system would have to change. With some acceptions of some private schools having the students physically go back to school like Bishop O’Connell, George Town prep, etc.

These schools have selected days for the kids to come in the school, with schedules like Tuesday and Thursday for students to physically go into school at O’Connell and the other days are virtual. This is important to know because on those days where kids can go to school they have an ability to be hands-on and get physical one-on-one time with there teachers. Kids in public schools are potentially at failing risk already because they have a hard time keeping focus, or because they do not get the same hands-on help as to how they would at school.

There are different kinds of learners in school, kinesthetic learners, Visual learners, Auditory learners, Reading/writing learners. Others are more hands-on than others and it’s hard for some to focus. Kids are at risk of failing because they do not have the mental capacity to stay focus and attentive when virtual learning is in session. There is not an option for hands-on tutoring either, the virtual route seemed forced and very rushed. Teachers seem to just be giving out work and not fully breaking down the work, leaving students unmotivated to work and confused.