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Up To October 12th…

Here are the things you need to know to be caught up on everything:

1. According to CNN, about 75% of the United States are seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. Specifically, Montana, New Mexico, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Vermont have have seen about a 50% increase in cases in the last week.

2. Amy Barrett will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee today to start a week of hearings leading up to her Senate Confirmation.

3. Now that Trump has has been cleared by the White House Physicians to return to his daily schedule, the Trump Campaign is pushing for an in-person debate. Last week the debate commission cancelled the second debate and proposed a virtual format instead.

4. A man is in custody due to a deadly shooting that occurred at the Denver protest last week, he’s been identified as a private security guard by some police while others say there’s no record of him ever holding that certification.

5.According to CNN, after nationwide protests demanding an end to police violence, Nigeria’s inspector General of Police has announced a controversial law enforcement unit in the country that will be disbanded.