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No Justice No Peace

Black people have never gotten real justice in the United States. The way life is going nowadays it looks like we will never find true peace. We will not stop until we get the peace and justice we deserve. Innocent people losing their lives to injustice and the person who did can just walk freely? I wonder if we will ever have justice or peace? When I think of no justice, no peace I think of people of color. The second I think of is how black people won’t rest until they have justice. There will never be peace in this life because of how a certain race treats us. As a black woman and man you are a target to a policeman. The people who are supposed to be protecting us are taking our lives unfairly. All we want is to be treated as equals and it feels as if it’s not possible at all. Who wants to feel as if when police come around they can’t stay outside or be safe? This is a really stupid concept to me. Judging a person on the color of their skin or treating them as if they have no justice is just insane.