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January 23, 2021 - ad hominem (adjective) - marked by an attack on character  More →

The Voice of Black excellence

KJ Brooks, a public activist was giving the chance to speak at the BOPC meeting on 10/27/2020 and give her overall opinion on police brutality and injustice.

She spoke blatantly and make it clear “she is not nice or seeking to be respectable”. Siting that officers are using children to hide the disguise of their injustice acts and vindictive ways. To be the ones to serve and protect, white cops decided they shall harm the opposite color and in a way treat colored as terrorists.

Kj is alerted and aware of her environment and knows the history of Law enforcement injustice. She must be protecting, Kj has posted on her Instagram site, (@KJg.Brks) a descriptive slide of all the ways that Kansas enforcement will slay the name of Kj.

In ways such as intentional car crash, to pay a civilian to protest and kill her during a rally and go through a fake investigation.

Knowledge is power and her voice is motivation to the black community. Protect Kj Brooks.