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Getting Your Thoughts Out

1A Journalism students had an interview with Thomas Tolbert, a new black author. During the interview, many questions were asked about the process of releasing his book. The responses from Mr. T. were very insightful and helpful towards the students, especially on the passion of releasing his book.

When you want to express your thoughts, they don’t need to be carefully planned. If you have a message and you feel it needs to be shared, you should get it out there. Mr. T. explained how when collecting his thoughts for his book, he encountered writers block several times, but pushed through. Albeit being a bit over the place, he feels he got the message he wanted to convey out in his book regardless. 

He describes the planning process behind his book as “an impulse.” That no prior steps were taken or laid out in advance. That is not to say it isn’t necessary to plan at some stages, but it is necessary to realize to not overplan and expunge some of your true thoughts in the process. These factors combined with his passion allowed him to push his book out there and reach students like us, as well as spreading his message.

Finally, he mentioned that you should not let into the system. He describes having many friends that learned of the system, and slowly lost their passion while giving in. Not letting the pressure of acceptance overwhelm you is crucial when conveying a message. This helps you keep your mentality, and keep your passion. If you’re ever looking to get a message out there, you should definitely consider the words of Mr. T.