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Covid Chronicles (Pt.1)

Starting a new Journalism series called “Covid Chronicles” (Covid-19 Edition) where Journalism students, interview teachers, and students to gain opinions, views, and feelings during this new time of online education in this pandemic.

My Journalism 2 class, which took place November 19th, discussed why articles aren’t being pumped out and published.  My class took the leap to discuss what’s everyone’s “excuse”. The discussion explained the disconnect between work and students are exponential, especially in Journalism.

I, Latavia Spriggs conducted the discussion by saying,

“I feel no motivation.” 

Jumping from classroom to Chromebook was fine for the first two weeks in March of 2020 when we were first released; but now, it feels like a drag. There’s only so much you can get from a computer; where as being in school, you have hands on, visual learning, and you are actually in a work environment, rather than being at home.  After this statement, I had gone to my classmates to get more opinions and feelings.

“Being in Journalism [in school] gave students that workspace, those good connections, and that help needed to drive us.” says Maya Clemons

“There isn’t that same support”.

I then gained opinions from two students who are chief editors that try and drive the class, by constantly staying on top of students and articles.

I feel the same [during the covid change], I have a GPA to maintain, along with a program to stay in” states, Shyann Snyder.

“I understand where everyone is coming from, but we have a platform where we can release these feelings and push our passion for writing, and push these same thoughts into an article” strongly stated Virginia Bates.

Lastly, after the students’ discussion, we gave our teacher, Professor Whitworth, a chance to voice her opinion on the lack of work ethic and drive after our statements.

“I hate this. I don’t like being online either. I like to be mobile and around people. We all have the same anxieties and we’re all in the same pandemic so we have to survive, because who knows how long we’ll be online … it’s survival out here. It’s either you sink or you swim”.

There are still more opinions to be voiced and more to be heard, which is why I chose to start this article series of Covid Chronicles amongst the Jaguar family. This is to gain my motivation back and to know that I, and everyone else, is not alone during this forced online education, and this new life as we know it.