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The Lack Of Spirit

Is school still the same?

That’s the question that is being asked over this pandemic. Has the “school spirit” been lost? Journalism students of Ms. Whitworth’s class had a discussion during class on being motivated.  Students such as Latavia Spriggs brought up the topic of motivation. 

Questions such as are the kids still motivated? Is the work too much? How can this affect the mental health of students?

Claims were made that this is a new transition and a new way of learning. Virtual learning has brought complications to many.   Points were made such as kids not having access to technology, or not having access to the internet. How would kids be able to keep up with the work, or even be capable of doing the work? Points were also made about the health behind virtual learning. This can cause a lot of wear and tear to someone’s mental health. With going through an entire pandemic people have lost loved ones over the pandemic. Some students may have become exposed to the virus over the pandemic.

Have people lost self motivation?  Reese Carey made an important point that the aura of the classroom motivated kids more and the environment in the class gave the students more interest in the work. 

What is your take on the virtual learning environment, do you believe the energy is the same, and do you miss the classroom.