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Announcements, College Bound


Student, Asia Gray, National Math Honor Society President has reached out to CHF staff and students to announce math and SAT tutoring for free !
Are you having trouble learning math during distance learning? The Math National Honor Society is hosting tutoring for all CHFHS students every Wednesday during the third Jaguar hour (1:10-2:00). If you require some focused help with a particular topic/lesson, we offer personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions. If you and your friends/classmates are all pretty much lost and prefer learning together, we even provide group tutoring sessions. Either way, we gotchu!
Are you trying to achieve a target SAT score but don’t want to pay fifty-leven dollars for an SAT boot camp? Come to MNHS SAT tutoring! It’s completely free, taught by your very own peers, and we offer test-taking tips, live demonstrations, group sessions, AND timed practice tests.
Lovely Jaguar teachers, if you feel your students are having trouble grasping concepts or need some extra TLC, please post this on your Google Classroom or mention it during your teaching live session.
Fill out this Google Form to pre-register. We do accept walk-ins however, filling out this form will ensure that you are paired with a tutor specialized in your needs.
Please don’t feel any shame or anxiety to seek help, MNHS is a safe space where everyone is welcomed, helped, and uplifted to reach their fullest potential.
Asia Gray

National Math Honor Society President

Charles H. Flowers High School, Class of 2021