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More Than A Kicker

Vanderbilt versus Missouri. A 0-7 (Vanderbilt) team versus a 3-3 (Missouri) team.

Now if you asked me to watch this college football game I would look at you crazy. Two mediocre teams just aren’t my cup of tea. I now regret the decision of not watching that monumental game. So historic. So important. So significant to not only college football but also to Women’s History. What a difference one person can make and that person’s name is Sarah Fuller. I can do it. I can do anything. Those are the words I heard from younger kids say after watching Vanderbilt’s very own Sarah Fuller.

Who is Sarah Fuller you may ask? Sarah Fuller is the first woman to ever play in a Power 5 college football game. This is an incredible feat, but how did she do it? Sarah Fuller was the goalkeeper for Vanderbilt’s women’s soccer SEC Championship team. After her soccer season finished, ex-football coach Derek Mason asked her to join the school’s football team, because the team didn’t have their kicking unit due to the pandemic. After the first half, it wasn’t all too bad even though the game became a rout. Vanderbilt didn’t score not once in that entire first half so Sarah didn’t get a chance to get on the field for a kickoff after a score, nor a pat (point after touchdown) or even close enough to try and kick a field goal. Then it happened both teams coming on the field after the halftime break was over, here we see Sarah Fuller trot onto the field.

She kicked a booming 30-yard kick. Even though she didn’t see that much time on the field, when she was on the field it gave the Commodores fans something to really rally behind. Congrats to Sarah fuller and her football team.