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MSJ Staff

Virginia Bates (2020-2021)

Editor In Chief

Virginia Bates is a Junior in the graduating year of 2021. She has been writing for Charles Herbert Flowers Newspaper, The Main Street Journal since 2019 when she was a Sophomore. Virginia writes original stories and poems as she is involved in different sports teams like swimming and clubs, Jaguar Voices and Public Speaking, at Charles Herbert Flowers High School, to produce for the school. She takes her position as one of the leaders of the school newspaper very seriously at the age of 16.

In her free time, Virginia likes to write, listen to music, watch youtube videos, and hang out with friends and family. She is very ambitious and is a wonderful friend.

She is very passionate about her writing and very hard-working. After high school, Virginia wishes to pursue journalism as a major in college. She plans to continue to stay involved with journalism throughout the rest of her life.

Virginia is very optimistic about her future.