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Locs of Love

On February 10, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. the natural hair club met. Members learned how to retwist and maintain locs. This was a public meeting for all students at Charles Herbert Flowers toojoin.

The officers discussed and went over the slides for the “Locs of Love” presentation.

Our guest speaker was, Ms. Lauren a loctitian. She is the owner of Locspiration Natural Hair Salon. She has been a loctician for 7 years now.

She did starter locs on her client today where she explained how to go about going starter locs and sharing her knowledge about locs as a whole. You can find Lauren on her Instagram @locspirationsalon

The officers also went over terminology (locs vs dreads), how to comb out locs, styles you can do with locs, and more. (You can  find their presentation here)

Their next meeting is on February 24th called “Barbing 101” where their guest speaker will walk through how he barbs his client’s hair.