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Many in Anger After Hearing Prince George’s County Schools will Resume In-person Learning in April

PGCPS Reopening Plans

Amid the recent announcement that Prince George’s County Schools will resume in-person learning in April 2021, there has been a whirlwind of emotions among students, parents, and teachers. With feelings such as indignation, anger, and disbelief spreading rampantly, emotions such as fear and anxiety are rising just as fast.

Why anger and disbelief?

Many parents, students, and teachers are aware that there are not enough resources in place to ensure a safe and efficient return to school. This knowledge births anger at the blasé behavior of leaders who are willing to subject their followers to unsafe conditions that may expose them to the covid virus.

Why fear and anxiety?

Parents, students, and teachers are scared of contracting COVID 19. There have been millions of deaths because of this pandemic. Knowing that they could potentially get covid by going back to school is enough to make parents, students, and teachers fearful and anxious.

What about you? How do you feel? Incensed? Nervous? Or unbothered because you will not return to in-person learning? Whatever your feelings, let them be known and heard!